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The Japanese American Network (JA*Net) is a partnership of Japanese American organizations based in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. A goal of this partnership is to encourage the use of the Internet and interactive communications technologies to exchange information about Japanese Americans -- art, culture, community, history, news, events, social services, and public policy issues. The website is a volunteer project and depends on community participation and contributions.

[ Last Update on this Website: January 4, 2002 ]

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The Japanese American Network
231 East Third Street, Suite G-104
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Declaration for the Nikkei Community

These declarations and directives for the Japanese American community arose from the "Ties That Bind" Conference in April 1998.

Living JA

A collection of writings and essays about being Japanese American.

Jobs and Internships

This area of JA*Net is dedicated to job and internship postings related to the Japanese American community. If you post an ad, please do make sure it has some relevance to the Japanese American community.

Bulletin Board and Forums

This is the place for posting any news or announcements related to the Japanese American community. Post questions and participate in discussions about JA history and future, community, and issues.

JA*Net Bulletin Board

Electronic Mail Listserver

This is a free unmoderated open electronic mailing list dedicated to Japanese American community items. You may subscribe (or unsubscribe) by yourself. The listserver enables users to share and exchange e-mail with others subscribed to the list. 

"Ties" Mailing List (general information)

Click on the following to subscribe or unsubscribe:

"Ties" Japanese American News and Announcements List
"Ties-Talk" Japanese American Discussion List

Little Tokyo Calendar

See what is happening in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, by viewing this calendar of events. The information in this calendar is submitted by registered users of this website, so please feel free to add your own events.


For your reference, there are several items that might be of interest. A bibliography of Japanese American Health Care/Social Services is included in the JA*Net Social Services area. We also receive many questions about the Japanese American internment during WWII. Feel free to refer to some of the resources found in the JA*Net History area of this website. 

This website is the Japanese "American" Network, but it certainly doesn't mean to exclude Japanese Canadians and Nikkei all over the world. If you can't find it here, other Japanese Canadian resources may be found on the Asian Canadian website www.asian.ca.

We welcome Japanese/Asian American community links. If you have a website that deals with JA concerns or issues, or even a personal homepage, please feel free to add your link in the JA*Net Community Directory. You can add the link yourself in the New Web Links Page.

JA Community Centers in LA

Members of the Nikkei Federation - Coordinating Council of Japanese American Community Centers

Founding Partners Organizations

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center
Japanese American National Museum
Little Tokyo Service Center
Rafu Shimpo

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